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How Exactly Is the DVBE Spend Amount Determined?
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Learn how Ignite Payments-Fairmed/Fairmed can help you achieve your DVBE diversity spend goals.

If your company’s goal is to increase your DVBE Spend, then part of the challenge is finding a Prime or Tier Two DVBE that provides enough service, and therefore dollar expenditure, to move the needle.

We provide a 1.7 percent average figure, but the DVBE Spend amount is actually a variable based on three factors:

  1. The type of transaction: face-to-face or online (card not present)
  2. The type of credit card issued/used: rewards and/or business cards
  3. The type of sale (your business vertical and applicable Interchange Tables): utility, education, retail, grocery, etc.

Ignite Payments-Fairmed/Fairmed, Inc. – a certified DVBE – is pleased to offer a unique tool: a formula for calculating your DVBE spend. Simply take your current Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® processing volume received through your website and/or point-of-sales (POS) and multiply that dollar amount by 1.7 percent (which is the average cost-of-goods in merchant processing based on the three variables listed above) and then add a little profit for the DVBE.

First Data is our powerhouse support. Ignite Payments-Fairmed/Fairmed is backed up and supported by over 37,000 First Data employees.

DVBE Spend Formula: Visa® MasterCard® Discover® processing dollars  X  1.7% = DVBE SPEND

Calculate Your DVBE Spend
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