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How would your business change if you had access to working capital? Would you expand operations? Remodel? Buy new equipment? Increase advertising?

Thanks to the financial crisis and its debilitating effect on the economy, traditional sources for small business lending have virtually disappeared. Many businesses today are forced to rely on credit cards to augment their cash flow. This can become prohibitively expensive. The FISERV Clover Cash Advance program gives you better option.

How Does a Clover Cash Advance Program Work?

Consumer payingIt provides a fast, easy way for businesses to gain access to working capital today by tapping into their future credit card sales:

  1. A business enters into an agreement with the alternative funding provider to sell a portion of its future credit card sales at a discount to this provider and receive a lump sum cash payment.

  2. A specified percentage of the business’ credit card sales are remitted the alternative funding provider each day. Statements can be viewed anytime online!

  3. The specified percentage is a fixed amount and may only change upon mutual agreement by the business and the alternative funding provider.

Credit-worthy but underserved businesses can access capital without the time, documentation, and availability issues that are associated with a loan.

Need A Small Business Loan?
Get a cash advance instead!

Are you lacking excellent credit scores?
No problem, credit score is not an issue!

Does your business accept credit cards as a form of payment?
Use your future sales to get the cash you need today!

If you answered yes to all three questions then you can qualify for a cash advance on your future credit card sales. This type of funding, called receivables factoring, allows you to sell your future receivables at a discount so that you can use funding for your small business. Use it for equipment purchases, advertising, renovations, expansion, working capital, restaurant equipment, and more.

A small percentage of your credit card transactions pay off the cash advance.

You can qualify for $2500 to $150,000 You can receive funding in as little as 10 days A small percentage of your credit card transactions pay off the cash advance. We specialize in helping businesses looking for working capital, equipment leasing, small business loans, commercial loans, and other types of business funding that cannot secure financing through banks or traditional lenders.

The Clover Cash Advance Program was designed to help businesses by providing the cash they need. It allows businesses to get working capital, equipment, and other types of business funding even if they cannot secure financing through banks or traditional lenders.

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