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Multi-layered, Payment Card Data Security With Clover Security®

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FISERV provides detailed information on how important security is to you as a merchant with details and fun facts through the online game and security quiz. Visit Clover Security In-Site today.

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Five Steps to Effective Fraud Management
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Merchants doing business in a card-not-present environment are exposed to significantly higher fraud risk, costly chargebacks and the challenge of securing consumers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Because it is much more difficult to validate a shopper’s true identity in an online transaction, fraudsters often take advantage of eCommerce merchants to monetize credit card data that has been illegally obtained. They may use stolen card details to purchase desirable goods or access certain services. Fraudsters may also attempt small transactions or donations as a way to validate that stolen cards are ‘good’ before moving on to bigger ticket items.

Fraud FlexDetectSM

Merchants that accept card-not-present (CNP) transactions are at significantly higher risk of fraud, chargebacks, and cybercrime. In order to protect their business and thwart potential fraudsters, merchants employ a variety of proactive order-screening and order-scrubbing mechanisms, as well as post-sale chargeback management tools. See the articles below to improve your knowledge and help prevent credit card fraud.

FISERV Fraud FlexDetect Overview
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Fraud FlexDetect Scoring and Rules Overview
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Fraud FlexDetect FAQs
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