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Making Sure You Get the Best Possible Service and Support

CardConnect Fairmed works hard to ensure you are getting the best possible service and support through our Concierge-level Customer Service. Some of our value added services include:

No Hassle Installation and Setup

If you're accepting credit/debit cards, you need the proper equipment. For many items, especially point-of-sale terminals, the equipment is shipped with no software or initial data. Most companies leave it completely up to the merchant to contact support, download the necessary software features, and then perform the installation and setup. Since many merchants are not IT specialists, this can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Fairmed eliminates the frustration and hassles. Rather than shipping the terminals directly to you, we have them shipped to our offices first. Then we download all the necessary software features (based on our interview with you), install them, and then perform a complete system test to ensure everything is working correctly.

Your equipment is then shipped to you fully configured for plug and play. Fairmed wants to be sure you are 100% satisfied with your new equipment and its configuration. To ensure this, once your equipment is received, installed and operating, we call you after your first and second days of credit card processing to discuss operation and make sure you have no problems or questions.

With appropriate planning, at the enterprise level we have the capablity of downloading 2,000 terminals a day.

Online Training

As a merchant, once you are approved you will have access to the gateway: Mymerchantoffice® (MMO). MMO is a dedicated merchant website that allows business owners to access their merchant account information online 24/7 and also to reach customer service. Using the website, merchants can also reconcile their deposits, retrieve their deposit information, view detailed reports of their chargeback and retrieval histories, and receive prompt answers to questions they submit via e-mail.

However, using MMO is not always intuitive. Fairmed conducts personalized training using online collaborative programs, such as GoToMeeting®, to help you learn how to effectively navigate MMO and use all of its features.

Problem Solving

With over 10 years experience in the merchant account/credit card processing business, we are experts at handling any customer problem. You only need to call us if you're having a problem and we will quickly determine what the source of the problem is, discern the most effective remedy, and take action to resolve it quickly and efficiently with the least amount of hassle for you.

FISERV is our powerhouse support. CardConnect Fairmed is backed up and supported by over 37,000 FISERV employees.

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