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ePN-POSA gateway account allows a business to integrate many types of electronic payment transactions: face-to-face, telephone orders, wireless, or internet customer-inititated transactions. They can be processed through a website, order form, or even by accepting payments for invoices online.

eProcessing Network enables merchants to process credit card, check and gift card/loyalty transactions automatically and in real-time, using a secure Web page, as well as wireless and POS hardware. The eProcessingNetwork has numerousl solutions designed to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each merchant.

eProcessing Network has processed secure transactions since 1996 and can secure your business. ePN stays at the forefront with the latest technology to ensure your processing solution is always up-to-date with the latest security requirments.


ePN's Point of Sale solution gives you the ability to process swiped credit card, check, and gift card/loyalty transactions from your Point-Of-Sale through your existing Internet-connected computers.


ePN's Java Point-Of-Sale software for Windows®-based PC's and laptops allows you to securely process credit, PIN debit, check, gift card, and loyalty transactions. You receive real-time responses from the cardholders' issuing banks and batches are ePNMobileautomatically settled every day.


ePNMobile allows you to process wireless transactions at swiped rates through cell phones and PDAs using various MagStripe Reader/Printer combinations.


ePNInventory maintains your inventory information and adjusts product quantity as it is purchased through a combination of any of ePN's payment solutions, including Online Terminal, ePNJPOS, ePNCart, and others.


ePNAuthenticate allows you to utilize eProcessingNetwork's integrated shopping cart, ePNCart, to confirm the identity of your customers through Visa® Verified by Visa™ and MasterCard® SecureCode™ authentication services.


ePNCart is designed for online merchants. It offers you an easy to implement, customizable shopping cart for Internet storefronts. ePNCart is a simple yet powerful integrated shopping cart designed to help merchants increase sales to valuable, hard-earned online shoppers. ePNCart lets you take advantage of the unlimited income-generating opportunities available with the explosion of the Internet marketplace.



ePNBillPay allows you to utilize eProcessingNetwork to manage your accounts receivable, email invoices to customers, and receive electronic payments – all without a web site or expensive accounting software.


Optional Recurring Transaction Processing Services integrated directly into our full suite of Secure Real-Time Transaction Processing Services allows you to offer memberships, service contracts, financing, and more.



ePN offers real-time credit card and check transaction processing from within QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier And QuickBooks® Enterprise, allowing you to process transactions and apply payments to open invoices in one easy step.

The entire process is simple and convenient to use. eProcessingNetwork offers reliable and secure credit card and check transaction processing services and professional support every step of the way.

Sign up for one or more ePN solutions today. Download and complete the merchant agreement below. Encrypted MagStripe Readers provide additional security when transmitting a cardholder's data. To use an encrypted MagStripe Reader, you must pay an annual data decryption fee. Download and complete the decryption fee agreement below.

ePN Merchant Agreement

MagTek Decryption Fee Agreement

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