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Contact: Fairmed, Inc.
Robert W. Fair, President/CEO
Fairmed, Inc.
23151 Alcalde Dr. Suite C-10
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(800) 838-9598 Ext 105
Tom Swaney, Vice President
(800) 838-9598 Ext 102
Megan Swaney, National Sales Manager
(949) 300-3917

FISERV Customer Service:
(have your Merchant number ready)

To talk directly with FISERV, please call 1-877-274-7915 and select the correct option based on your need or question. Hundreds of FISERV representatives are ready to assist you.

Issues (have your Merchant number ready)

  • Call Center message on terminal - select option 1
  • Terminal support - select option 2
  • Customer service - select option 3
  • Terminal supplies - select option 4
  • Chargebacks - select option 5

Fairmed Concierge Service Number:
– 800-838-9598 (ext 102)

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when your world is about to fall apart…
you need PERSONAL 24x7 customer service

For over 18 years we have helped and guided our customers with their everyday customer service needs while leading the way with personal hand-in-hand support through complicated product issues and the FISERV corporate phone tree.

Rates need to be competitive, but as many of our existing merchants say:
We came to you based on price, but we have stayed for the service…

Concierge-Level Customer Service
Maximum Transaction Security

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Partner With a Veteran in Your Business 

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